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Recently Redstar raceway played host to Boxerfest gathering, and attracted some of Gauteng’s best looking Scoobies; a day filled with that all too familiar boxer motor sound of a Subaru. We arrived pretty early to set up our stand in the pit area, and slowly the rumble of STI’s, WRX’s and 86’s made their way into Redstar raceway. The Boxerfest menu had track sessions, a skid pan / gymkhana, show and shine as well as drag racing. With Scoobies jacked up, and track tyres applied and the sweet scent of race fuel, drivers took to the track in split sessions to get in some hot laps.

Now for most a Scooby is just a Scooby, “You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all”, well we can definitely say that, all though they have the similar shape and “same” motor, each car had it’s own personality and those little extras that made them stand out. Jonathan from SRD brought along two of his saucy rides, one being Forester Sport, with some extra ponies under the hood, and showed a couple of the WRX’s out on track, that a big body has everything to offer.

Pitted next to our gazebo was Jerry from Import parts in his Toyota 86 with the V2 Rocket Bunny kit, a sexy little number for sure. While most guys who mod a 86 opt for a 1Jz or 2Jz motor swap, Jerry has kept to original boxer motor, but with a few aftermarket race bits here and there. To see this beauty take to track was most awesome, as most wide bodies cars stick to the stance scene.

With the day heating up out on the track as well as in the pits, a team of judges went around checking out the cars on display for the Show n Shine event. This is where the personalities of the cars I mention would come out to play. With bonnets opened and engines on display, we could see a variety of colourful motors as well as some race bit eye candy. Wayne Bull in his aired out Legacy, a pretty sweet project, won best of show on the day.

But our favourites on the day was not to be found in the Show n Shine area or out on the track, We stumbled upon a legend in the Scooby industry, one Mr Jan Steyn from ASE Auto Sound Engineering, no stranger to Speed and Sound, but we haven’t heard from him in a while…. and now we know why. Jan has been busy with one of the most insane builds we’ve seen under the hood of any Subaru. He had blown our minds away with a twin turbo build, the like of which we have never thought of. Not just your average slap on two turbo set ups, but two different sized turbos, waste gates and all the plumbing that goes with, along with an electronic setup that would give the Millennium Falcon a run for it money.

Well done to Cherise Botha and the rest of the team for pulling off a really awesome event, and I’m sure that Boxerfest will grow to be bigger in the future.

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