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North vs South Reignites!

After a ten year absence, the North vs South drag racing championships made a welcome return at Rhino Park Airstrip.

Cast your mind back to your younger days when the notorious Speed and Sound Drag Team pillaged every city and raped every drag strip! After a 10-year absence, the famous series is back, and bigger than ever. The revised race format has a new twist in the tale: an unprepared track, and a shorter distance of 200m. That’s right: 200m of zig-zagging, tail slapping cars leaving a haze of drag slick smoke in their rear view mirrors.

Round One happened two weeks back at Rhino Park Airstrip, which is home to model plane flying, off road biking and a flying school that utilizes a lonely airstrip. The minute we received permission from the resident airfield owners for a once-off drag racing event, plans were set in place to allow 60 of Gauteng’s quickest race cars to race each other over the 1/8 mile without the use of any trackbite, wheelie bars and standing burn outs.

Unsurprisingly, Racers who remembered the Series were the first ones to enter. Old school race legends like Manny de Gouveia, Jose Matias, Satish Harrichand, Marco Gounder, Johan Minnaar and Billy vd Merwe to name but a few, found themselves in unfamiliar 200m territory and put on a show of note.

Racing begun early: The minute the first set of cars lined each other up on the start line, Racers knew they’d be in for a bit of challenge: too much power equals too much wheel spin, and in true Street Outlaw-style, “spinnin’ ain’t winnin”. Boost was turned down and many half-throttled their tuned machines, doing their utmost best to cross the line first. Where turbocharged cars come alive after the 200-metres, it was the normally aspirated cars that reveled in these shorter distance conditions, and quicker than many expected. Janus Terburgh’s 16v Golf (below) ran a 7.9-seconds…in perspective, it ran quicker than the 500-plus horsepower Opels monsters of Theo Knipe, Kalen Arumugam and Satish Harrichand.

And there were plenty more monsters too! 10-second ones that left impressive trails of long black stripes down the strip – Tiaan vd Merwe’s snorting V8 Escort, Raymond Swart’s insane 2JZ Draglux and Manny de Gouveia’s detuned Chevair tried their best to harness the brutal adaption of putting down as much power as soon as humanly possible, to post a quick time over an unfamiliar, shorter distance.

Dries Carstens (who ran the quickest time of the day) in the thunderous RCB Escort encountered braking issues and went farming, fortunately sustaining minor damage. Johan Minnaar in the Honda Fiat X19 confronted organisers to enquire if “it this a No Prep event, then why the hell did my car wheelie for 50m!”

The event ran smoothly as expected – Even when Pierre Eksteen’s Buggy suffered an engine failure, which almost closed down the entire left lane for the entire event, organisers merely moved the lights a few meters down and the racing continued. The North vs South marshalls and officials played a cunning part as puppet masters, preparing a track that would later become a real handful as the sun’s intense heat baked the virgin airfield surface.


While Neeresh and his team from the Street Kings Challenge entertained the audiophiles further away in the lapa area, the racing continued and the food trucks fed the masses. Without the sponsorship and involvement of Czank Racing, RCB Racing, Dicktator Engine Management Systems, Mikes Place, Mr Turbo, Bovhu Print, PPT Pro Billet, Firematic Vehicle Suppression and Turbo Toys, race events like North vs South would be few and far between.  If you’re keen to see what times were posted, grab the full results off the North vs South Facebook page here.

Round 2 is scheduled for the 1st of March 2020, and by the looks of it, the rebirth of the Speed and Sound drag team will be leading the same group of racers down to challenge the locals from Newcastle and surrounds, many of whom drive up from a far a field as Durban. It promises to be a real humdinger, and if you’re a lover of No Prep, tyre-smoking ass-wagging drama, Dundee Airfield is your next port of call!


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Boxerfest 2019

Recently Redstar raceway played host to Boxerfest gathering, and attracted some of Gauteng’s best looking Scoobies; a day filled with that all too familiar boxer motor sound of a Subaru. We arrived pretty early to set up our stand in the pit area, and slowly the rumble of STI’s, WRX’s and 86’s made their way into Redstar raceway. The Boxerfest menu had track sessions, a skid pan / gymkhana, show and shine as well as drag racing. With Scoobies jacked up, and track tyres applied and the sweet scent of race fuel, drivers took to the track in split sessions to get in some hot laps.

Now for most a Scooby is just a Scooby, “You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all”, well we can definitely say that, all though they have the similar shape and “same” motor, each car had it’s own personality and those little extras that made them stand out. Jonathan from SRD brought along two of his saucy rides, one being Forester Sport, with some extra ponies under the hood, and showed a couple of the WRX’s out on track, that a big body has everything to offer.

Pitted next to our gazebo was Jerry from Import parts in his Toyota 86 with the V2 Rocket Bunny kit, a sexy little number for sure. While most guys who mod a 86 opt for a 1Jz or 2Jz motor swap, Jerry has kept to original boxer motor, but with a few aftermarket race bits here and there. To see this beauty take to track was most awesome, as most wide bodies cars stick to the stance scene.

With the day heating up out on the track as well as in the pits, a team of judges went around checking out the cars on display for the Show n Shine event. This is where the personalities of the cars I mention would come out to play. With bonnets opened and engines on display, we could see a variety of colourful motors as well as some race bit eye candy. Wayne Bull in his aired out Legacy, a pretty sweet project, won best of show on the day.

But our favourites on the day was not to be found in the Show n Shine area or out on the track, We stumbled upon a legend in the Scooby industry, one Mr Jan Steyn from ASE Auto Sound Engineering, no stranger to Speed and Sound, but we haven’t heard from him in a while…. and now we know why. Jan has been busy with one of the most insane builds we’ve seen under the hood of any Subaru. He had blown our minds away with a twin turbo build, the like of which we have never thought of. Not just your average slap on two turbo set ups, but two different sized turbos, waste gates and all the plumbing that goes with, along with an electronic setup that would give the Millennium Falcon a run for it money.

Well done to Cherise Botha and the rest of the team for pulling off a really awesome event, and I’m sure that Boxerfest will grow to be bigger in the future.

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JHB Parties, Toyz4Boyz

That time of the year again, where we join JHB Parties for their annual Toyz4Boyz show; a day out in the sun with quality cars, friends and families.

This year Rizo and the team decided to host the event at a new venue, The Rock Centre, down in the South of Joburg. A pretty cool venue for sure, but we could only imagine how prettier it would have been after the first few rains in JHB; by that I mean the grass still had it’s brown winter coat on and for sure the colours of the park would have popped more in the photos… but that’s JHB winters, dry and dull.

For most the entrance to the park seemed to be a major obstacle as the static life worked against them trying to get over the very first speed bump. It did however make for a great spectical as cars need a helping hand rocking over the bump.

As usual the turn out for Toyz4Boyz was well attended, and all makes of cars made their way through. A nice change from the norm; aka VW’s everywhere, was a pretty cool crew who rocked up in their slammed Hyundai’s and little Yaris’s. Most sporting 15″ stretched wheels with one or two of them bagged with the bellies rubbing on the floor.

You could definitely feel that summer was on the way as the heat in the afternoon tunred up, and not just from all the hot cars around, not an easy task for the three judges either…. and not cause they looked like car guards hahahaha.

Well done to Rizo and his team for yet another great event, we always look forward to attending JHB Parties shows.

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Gymkhana GRiD 10, Warsaw Poland

In 2017 South Africans got the opportunity to witness their first ever Gymkhana Grid, the brain child of the King [HOONIGAN] himself, Ken Block. This not only gave the spectators a great show; but for local South African drivers, it gave them the opportunity to drive against some of the biggest drivers in the world.

2018 was the last time the event was held in South Africa and with such a great response, and a South African driver Jason Webb placing 2nd on the podium; that the organisers decide that in 2019 they would invite two South Africa drivers to compete in Poland. In the beginning of the year, in association with XS promotions, they ran a Supakhana Golden Ticket event where a driver from each category RWD and FWD would win a trip of a life time.

Eric Van Eyssen from KZN won in the RWD division in his Nissan S14, and Carl Van As, from JHB (in a borrowed car) won in the AWD division. Sending both drivers on a journey they would not forget… Gykhana GRiD Ten, which took place in Warsaw, Poland.

With cars loaded they ventured across the pond to Poland, where they would meet some of Europe’s best drivers, drivers that have competed in European GRiDs  as well as Top names from the Russian Drift Series and the European Drift Master to name a few.


We arrived on the the Thursday, just in time to witness Carl van As take on the massive GRiD layout. Eric van Eyssen had already done his qualifying the day before where he had managed to qualify 14th, knocking out some of last years top qualifiers as well as three time RWD champion Luke Woodham; who brought a  whole new set up, which just didn’t managed to perform on the day.

Race day saw Eric go up against third place qualifier Daigo Saito 斎藤 太吾 in his 2jz powered A90 Toyota Supra ( A beast of a machine). Eric told us in the pits “It has always been a bucket list of mine to drive against Daigo, but ideally I would have loved to go door-to-door on a drift circuit”. Eric’s bucket list was semi ticket off as he took to the track, sadly taking a few penalties on the left side, and then getting a DNF on the second track, would see Eric Knocked out by Daigo.

Carl van As would go up against Scotish driver James Stephen; Scooby vs Scooby, with both drivers almost neck and neck on the first half of the grid, James Stephen pushed to hard and found himself in the wall; a pretty hard knock that took himself out of the race, however helping Carl move on to the Top8.

Carl would then see himself go up against Oliver Solberg in his Rally spec Citroen, a car that weighed in about the same weight as a babies nappy hahaha. Well needless to say the power to weight ratio worked in Oliver’s favour, knocking out Carl.

Well that was it then for our SA drivers, but the night did not end there, as they joined the crowds and watched the rest of the nights racing. RWD finals would see Mantas Šliogeris; a complete under dog, in his little super charged Mazda MX5 go up against Pawel Korpulinski in his BMW. Mantas was left on the start as Pawel powered off the line, but the short wheel base of the little MX5 proved to be the winning formula for Mantas as he made up all the time on the obstacles & beat Pawel across the line. (just a little inside info, Mantas drove the MX5 to Poland from London and straight after the even drove it back home)

AWD finals would see Father and Son go toe to toe as Oliver Solberg would go up against his dad Petter Solberg. “Saving the best for last” words that would best sum up the final runs. Watching these two drivers was magical, Petter’s years of RX and WRC knowledge was just flawless; and the apple really does not fall far from the tree, as Oliver showed off his skills that he inherited from both his Mom and Dad, just insane, and at the age of 17.

Well that was it, Gymkhana GRiD Ten done and dusted!! A truly exciting journey for our South African drivers and they did us proud. Sure they never won, but showing off their individual skills was awesome to witness.

Here are a few snaps, for more check out the gallery on our Facebook Page:



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When Darkness Falls.

A quiet airstrip. A cold winters night and a roaming pack of  high-powered Nissans from the GTR & Z Club of South Africa car crews.

By Joel Silva

Underground street racing will always attract big crowds despite its illegal nature. I don’t know what it is, but massive groups of people congregate week-in and week-out to witness and some instances, to participate. Over the past year or so, we’ve documented a few street crews that have taken the cloak-and-dagger dangers of street racing to quieter roads that have limited or no traffic flow.

The GTR and Z Club of SA, in conjunction with the Club 23 Outlaws have taken and improved this same principle by applying safety, organized classes – and several Japanese monsters – on an airstrip that allows for endless fun under the moonlight. Legal and all!

The other day, Annie was chatting to Janus Janse van Rensburg who helps to heads up the Gauteng-based Club. The conversation steered toward drag racing, and our involvement with the ever-growing club. A week later, I found myself chauffering Darren and Annie to a quiet airfield situated north-east of Pretoria named Legends MX (or Rhino Airfield for those in the know) where we met up with Janus and a large number of club members who had lined up their angry-looking Nissans in a row. 350Zs, R33s, R34s, Skyline GTRs: you name it! After a quick dinner and coffee at the venue’s lapa, we followed the convoy to the airstrip and parked off to see the setup. And boy, what a setup!

Members selected their race numbers – in the form of poker chips – and had their names, cars and registration numbers shown on a board using a knock-out ladder system. In front of the white boards lay a row of helmets that was on offer to members who never had. While the alluring smell of coffee filtered through the air, a safety ambulance made its way to the start line, a clear indication that safety is the club’s number one priority. The best part though had to be the extended LED lights that lit up the pit area and starting line. I was shown the ingenious setup using a generator and some trick electrical work to get everything to run as smoothly as possible. These guys were jacked!

I walked through the pits and got to view some serious machinery. Some of which I’ve never seen before. Everyone I spoke to pointed towards a white R34 (below) which they also said “was simply unbeatable.” They weren’t wrong either! Granted the strip was only laid out for a 200m dash, it was clear to see that the track was firmly set out and prepared for the AWD cars.

As the racing continued, the temperature dropped but the action and excitement certainly didn’t. The members lined up against each other, some used launch control and others chose to wheelspin down. The 350Zs looked quick! Some were turbocharged and sounded amazing, but the Skyline’s were the ones that broke the silence in the night.

We departed the venue a little before midnight and left the Nissan’s to play into the early hours of the morning. The Club have created something really special here, and we can’t wait to attend the next one. Follow the GTR & Z Club of South Africa on Facebook for further updates on their next event.


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Angela’s Picnic, Delta Park

Nothing beats a good day out in the park than Angela’s Picnic; a day spent with hundreds of car enthusiast from all over Johannesburg and Pretoria. With such a wide variety of cars, every petrol head had more than enough eye candy to keep their appetite satisfied. I arrived shortly after 10am, after getting Toasty washed for the day (not gonna have a dirty Toaster on display hahaha) and Delta park was already buzzing with the sounds of cars and the smell of skottle braais with bacon and eggs being fried up for breakfast.

Toasty parked it was time to head out to the sea of metal and tyres, with camera in hand I started taking snaps of as much as I could. With these events there is just so much variety and the nostalgia of the classic cars just takes up so much of your childhood memories of road trips with you friends and family. I always have a soft spot for the older cars, and not just because I too am old AF these days hahaha, but just to see how people have manged to maintain the machines after all these years, and to see how cars from the 60’s and 70’s are still going strong; thanks to the love of the owners.

As most know I am a massive JDM fan and naturally I will drift towards the Datsuns, Nissans and Toyotas whenever I see them. Angela’s Picnic, for some reason all the awesome cars come crawling out the wood works, and old school Fairlady Z’s and Datsun 510’s make their way to centre stage. Not forgetting the 200sx’s and the rest of the Z-family. Most opting to keep the classic look, while the younger guys turning more towards the tuning side of things as well as the stance life. I was in love with a classic red Datsun 240 Fairlady Z, however the wheel choice left me wanting more… but that’s just me.

Okay, enough about the JDM’s, with so many cool German cars there too, once again I was drawn to my favourite brand in the German stable; Porsche… I was not disappointed at all. There were so many models all around Delta park, that I’m sure I missed a few. The Porsche that stood out above all the rest, and not just because of the colour; was Eddie’s magenta Carrera. All dressed in pink with the classic Carrera door livery in gold with matching gold Fuchs wheels. Yes there were some awesome classic models like the 356’s and a stunning red 911GT with a wide body kit, but I think it was the both the colour combo and the back story that made Eddie’s Carrera stand out to me.

Heading back to the Toaster I stumbled upon an tangerine 1968 Lamborghini Miura, the same colour as the one used in the original Italian Job movie from in the opening scenes. I believe this to be the only one on the roads in Johannesburg, or even South Africa, but I stand to be corrected. This little gem was just so interesting to look at, with its strange headlights and body lines, the Miura was definitely something unique, as I sat patiently to get snap a picture.

Well what can I say about Angela’s picnic; this is most definitely one for the whole family. If you are a lover of all things automotive, be it muscle, Japaneese, German, French or Italian, then make sure you add this event to your yearly calendar. Thanks again to the organisers for hosting a great event. Till the next time, remember, it’s not about what you drive, it all about the Car – Passion – Culture!


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Roaring Toyz Show

Roaring Toyz CarShow & Sound off was hosted this past weekend by DJ White Diamond & Future Audio at the Tiger Wheel & Tyre in New Market, Alberton. A pretty hot “Sun”day indeed, with an early start to the day, the parking area slowly started filling up with a wide range & variety of cars from different stables.

To help keep out the sun, the Speed & Sound promo girls where there to share some shade, as they walked around selling a variety of Speed & Sound caps. While most chilled under gazebos, and tried to find a shade under the trees, the rest just chilled by walking around with the rest of their car crews.

With 50 layers of sunblock applied I took my camera & started walking around to take some snaps of the cars that were there. In typical form the JDM cars were the first cars that caught my attention, The ready to race Mazda RX-7 FD most definitely caught my attention, with it’s stripped out & cockpit looking interior, fender flares & a exhaust the size of a Boeing’s engine hahaha.

But that wasn’t the only cars that caught my attention, as I went to the wrong Tiger Wheel & Tyre first, (event flyer said New Redruth) I followed two VW Up!s to the venue, why they caught my attention; well not just the fact that the little silver Up! had an exhaust as load as the toaster, but they both just looked so awesome in their own special ways. I have to say I do like the look of the 4-door shape vs the 2-door shape… thinks its the way the side windows take up all the space on the sides.

Future Audio hosted the sound off, with a few cars running impressive dB’s on the day. I missed out on a few of the cars that ran big numbers, with  Strini Perisamy running a 159.9,  loudest on the day. Their little turquoise VW Golf powered with 8 12″ sub woofers put on a few demo’s & they rattled a few brain cells loose hahahaha.