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300kW-plus Golf Mk1s are nothing new to South African racers, but ones that look this neat? Well, that would be worth a closer look!

By Chad Miller

When Donovan and Shaun from R-Tech Performance put their heads’ together, Brutus the Golf was born. Now Brutus has been in Donovan’s life for the last 6 years, starting off as R-Tech’s drag car until it was cannibalised to create the R-Tech Caddy. That’s when Donovan took possession of the car/shell/headache maker; and together with his late dad, Eddie Potgieter, they began tinkering.

That tinkering started with a set of Berg-cup style arches which makes the car 200mm wider than stock. Then the body was sprayed Artic White before being reassembled with brand new nuts, bolts and sexy accessories like the crystal lighting and small chrome bumpers.

Once assembled, the car’s racing looks needed a racing motor and so a strong N/A tuned motor was bolted into the engine day. Now down at the coast, an N/A motor rocks, but Donovan was bitten by the turbo bug and that’s when the car’s current motor made an appearance; a fully forged R-Tech built 2.0 16V ABF with a massive GT35 turbo pushing it along to 320kW and 495Nm on the fly wheel!

To achieve that kind of power one cannot rely purely on forged internals and a turbo; so, to extract as much power as possible, Donovan used his own skills (he owns Sniper Performance) and gave the head a complete race-spec make over with bigger valves, custom cams and all the lovely bits that ensure that they don’t go boom!

With the head completed, it was married to the block using ARP hardware together with the Sniper Racing Intercooler and custom intake with 90mm throttle body. With the stunning motor now back in the stunning tucked engine, Shaun could get to work tuning the Dicktator Engine Management System.

The motor is impressive, no doubts there; but it’s the way everything is built to handle that power which makes this build so impressive, like to get those kilowatts and Newtons meters to the wheels there’s a VW 02J gearbox which has been upgraded with the a Quaife LSD. Then there’s the suspension, a full Tuning Art coilover setup with lower strut brace and polyurethane bushes to keep things tights and tidy.

The upgrades to the suspension and transmission allow the wheels to really have fun with those 370kW, and what wheels are they you ask? A sexy set of 8.5J 15” Volk Racing reps covered in 195/50R15 Velocity R-Max tyres. Hiding behind the wheels are set of 283mm front disk while the back uses disks from the legendary CTi.

With all these upgrades and the performance to match (not to mention the looks), Donovan decided that the interior would be pure race car but super neat and tidy like the rest of the car. To achieve this, Donovan “forgot” to re-install the carpet, dashboard and seats. Instead he fitted a 4-point rollcage, Momo steering wheel, racing seats with top of the line Sabelt harnesses, and the sexiest short shifter kit you’ll can find adorned with a traditional VW golf ball gearknob! To monitor the car’s vital Donovan installed a slew of gauges including a rally inspired digital Acewell cluster, all mounted in a custom-built carbon fibre housing.

As you have just read, that housing is just one piece in a long line of custom-built components that make this car so unique and displays the Donovan’s commitment to building an outstanding car.

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