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Ebin’s Volkswagen Polo features an extra special turbocharged VR6 12-valve lump.

By Chad Miller / Photography Darren Supafly


For Ebin Erasmus, going the VR6 route was based not so much on passion, but rather logic. His Polo 9N GTi left the factory with a turbocharged 1.8 20V, a nice motor but after trying to wring every ounce of performance out of it, he was still not satisfied and was reaching the limits when it came to reliability. This meant that Ebin needed to rethink things and add an two extra cylinders.

Those two extra cylinders came in the form of a 2.8 VR6 which Ebin shoehorned into the bay of the Polo, and despite that being enough for some people, Ebin decided to raid Mr Turbo for some performance parts, fabricate some piping and bolt a GT35 turbocharger to the freshly rebuilt 6-potter…utterly nuts!

The motor sits in the engine bay perfectly, and despite the fact that you can’t see the turbo, the amazing exhaust note and the way that the car hauls ass whenever Ebin puts his foot down is all the evidence that you need that this car’s pushing 255kW and 427Nm (all achieved at a reliable 0.6 bars boost). What really amazed me though is how Ebin integrated the Dicktator 60-2 Engine Management System, it’s a completely standalone but still maintains the Polo’s Drive-by-Wire throttle input; connected to an Audi 2.4 electronic throttle and talks to the OEM gauge cluster without any hassles, this is no mongrel job for sure!

Getting the power down to the wheels is the job of the OEM gearbox but Ebin installed a 6-button copper clutch to ensure that when those 255kW and 427Nm bite, the clutch can hold on tight. Still on the subject of wheels, the Polo’s OEM wheels have been replaced with a set of white 17” A-Line wheels with 205/40R17 tyres. The real clincher though is the fact that this car is also equipped with a full air-ride suspension setup with Bluetooth control. So yes, it’s a Polo with a VR6 motor, a turbocharger and air-ride…the Holy Trinity for VW lovers!

The next mission was ensuring that the car looked different to the other Polo GTi’s out there while still remaining neat; so Ebin swapped his tuner hat for his bodyshop hat which saw him fit a color-coded custom front spoiler together with a customized Cupra spoiler which was sprayed black.

He also moulded a set of Mini Cooper brake ducts in the front bumper that allows extra air to hit the intercooler. The bonnet couldn’t escape the custom treatment either and now sports a vents and spacers which raises the bonnet at the rear. The boot spoiler was also given an extension piece, a subtle but effective touch.

The upgrades to the interior have also been subtle thanks to Ebin deciding to retain the OEM seats but re-doing the centres in blue and adding custom embroidery to the headrests. What isn’t subtle though is the car’s full sound system consisting of an Audiobank DVD head unit and a full array of XTC speakers throughout! In the doors you’ll find a set of XTC splits with a set of co-axial speakers in the rear, while the boot is filled with a two 10” subs and two amplifiers.

The sound system is the perfect icing on this perfect VR6 powered cake, and Ebin should be so proud of himself for building a car which encompasses everything that is Speed AND Sound!

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