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Isn’t the internet an amazing place? Weird and wonderful, and pretty wild in parts; but generally, it’s an incredible resource for information. I mean, where else do you find spontaneous experts popping out of the woodworks after they’ve done just a few hours of online research? Keyboard ninja mode: engaged!

Take car audio installation, for example. This may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but did you know there’s more to car audio than just knowing which wires to connect correctly? Over the years, we’ve always showed you guys the glamorous side of the car audio world; incredibly experienced installers and passionate DIY’ers who have gone to great lengths to produce setups that are indeed inspirational and drool-worthy. Life is all about balance; and for all the great installs we’ve showcased, there are equally horrendous looking (and sounding) setups that will usually just leave you scratching your head in confusion and asking, “So, you’re telling me you actually paid money for THIS?!”

Sadly, most of these horror stories usually stem from work carried out by said internet experts; who, after watching an online tutorial, suddenly feel they are capable of doing way better. Sometimes, they even come from the friend who had a mate who claimed they could “do it for way cheaper.”

Of course, some of the efforts you’re about to see were made by individuals who simply didn’t know any better at the time. I’m sure it’s apparent that some of these installs are epic fails of spectacular proportions (and probably fires that’s just waiting to happen); but all I’ll say on the matter is this: if your car audio installations looks even anything remotely close to the ones pictured, please do yourself a favour – head down to a proper, reputable fitment centre and get it done right!

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