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A few weeks back Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom played host to the Boss Motorshow which was made up of a show and shine event, a mobile dyno challenge and an IASCA South Africa World Record SPL and Bass Boxing event (with Sound Quality too). With so much happening on the day, we had Dushandren from KZN Car Club cover this event for us.

As per the norm, the event started off rather slow and only picked up momentum a little after lunch. A welcoming surprise was the amount of competitors on the Sound Quality side. Irrespective of where they placed, the most important thing was that there were competitors this time around and that those who attempted competing liked the format. Let’s hope and pray that each one of those competitors can bring at least one new person to the next Sound Quality event and that we see the sport once again grow to what it used to be.

On the SPL and Bass Boxing side of things, there were a number of veteran competitors who were there for one thing and one thing only, and that was to smash world records and improve their global standings. Although we still have not received official results from IASCA SA, there were some crazy scores achieved on the day.

Team Starsounds Brothers of Bass, has certainly drummed up quite a following and for good reason too. Brothers Wez Lo and Bradley Samuel’s smashed their own World Records, which shows that these two are still consistently working on their rides. Bradley mentioned that one of his goals is to get all their cars over the 160dB mark, and from the looks of things, they should be there soon.

On the Bass Boxing side, Team Targa’s Rups made a surprizing return to the lanes and after such a long absence; he proved that he still had it when he snatched a World Record. For those who don’t know, Rup’s was also the first person in Africa to smash the 180dB mark on Term Lab.

Team Bass Power has also cemented their names as the best in the business when they too managed to smash two World Records in the Cruiser Weight and NHB Bass Boxing Classes.

The loudest of the day was Pretoria’s Dr Decibel who managed to smash his personal best and past the 175dB mark in the Ultimate Division. 177.8dB was his final score on the day and guess what, Jaco mentioned that he is gunning for that magical 180dB mark and he isn’t going to stop until he reaches it.

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