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The never-ending pursuit of the perfect, high-horsepower sports car is something Jerry Luis knows all too well.

By Joel Batty Silva

The builder of the Toyota 86 is none other than Jerry Luis, a crucial player for the Import Parts team that supplies us eager beavers with some proper high-end product for many significant project cars which we’ve featured over the years. How can we forget his silver supercharged Civic which was probably the first of its kind in South Africa? We also can’t deny how outrageously insane his new AWD Honda project will be. There’s been a few more builds which he has supplied product for, which many of his customers have brought to our attention. But this GT86 is his latest and greatest creation.

Let’s face it, there’s no denying Rocket Bunny’s beauty. The styling is aggressive and offers an unprecedented look on the street. From the wide, riveted fenders to the signature spoilers and aggressive front-ends, enthusiasts of all kinds can appreciate the mean character of every Bunny-fitted coupe. Which brings us to this magical blue beauty…

We all know the Toyota 86 are proper handling cars, but with the help of his buddy Alex “the Weekend Warrior”, this burpee-hating Crossfitter has taken this 2013 coupe and turned it into a dedicated street racer that isn’t afraid to tackle the twisties. While out on a recent track day at Redstar Raceway, we had the chance to snap some photos of the car in its natural habitat. But night-time is where the magic happens, and under the glorious moonlight, it’s here where the witchery from the 86’s Rocket Bunny body kit will make any man go weak at the knees.

The inside has been handed a dose of Rockford Fosgate love courtesy of Woodmead Sound and Security. Installer Zoltan Nemeth weaved his magic here, fitting a Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 Punch BRT 4-channel amplifier, a 12” Cerwin Vega subwoofer, Rockford Punch 6.5” components and Rockford Punch 4” co-axials.
The factory head unit remains. But flick the console open and you’ll notice more gadgetry like the Tein EDFC Active Pro which makes it possible to adjust damping force (with ease from the driver’s seat) by controlling stepping motors installed on each shock absorber.

These air cups are supervised with an imported Stanceparts air suspension system that is fed by the ViAir compressor and the 2-gallon tank in the boot. Being an authorised dealer for Tein suspension in South Africa, has enabled Jerry to include the top of the range Tein Flex A which offers ride height adjustment with little or zero change in ride quality. With an impressive arsenal of suspension parts under his control, Jerry can navigate the lowered 86 over speedbumps without leaving any traces of the front splitter behind. Real proper stuff!Besides the impeccable bodywork, the other thing that stood out for me was the rather large and rather impressive big brake kit from K-Sport which had forged monoblock 8-pot calipers coated in a Titanium colour. The 2-piece cross drilled brake discs just clear the highly sought after Enkei forged RS05RR wheels which Jerry also sells through his vast Import Parts catalogue.

Let’s chat bodywork: for starters, instead of a huge wing many 86 owners opt for, Jerry clicked the “ADD” Rocket Bunny duckbill spoiler button to the online shopping cart. And I’m glad he did too. It was exactly 8 years ago that the whole Rocket Bunny movement truly exploded. Toyota supplied the masses with a fresh new car, and Rocket Bunny creator and aero kit superstar Kei Miura let his imagination run wild.

What he came up with was a very simple series of bolt-on aero additions that managed to add in your face aggression. What we have here is Miura-san’s Version 2 kit that has been expertly installed and finished off by Tex and Carlos from Rudia Autobody and Paint. They also fitted the 6-piece Rocket Bunny Dai canard kit, Chargespeed side mirrors, the APR Racing carbon front splitter and lastly the GReddy engine hood lifters. Oh, and the taillights are Valenti Helix Red Edition pieces that break the OEM Ultramarine colour.

You can’t help but to stand aside and appreciate the package. The truth is this V2 aero kit gives the 86 so much presence. It’s more aggressive in some areas but more sedate in others…that ducktail spoiler, the diffuser, its super bright bumper-mounted LED lights piercing through the onsetting dusk…sheesh! Someone hand me a bottle of wine, cream and tissues.

But does the bark match the bite? Well, it’s certainly no slouch. The internals are untouched, but Jerry has added a Sportronic-developed bolt-on turbo kit that features products from the houses of GReddy, Mishimoto, Tial, Grams and of course, Precision Turbo. All of these were installed by H&M Tuning and currently tuned on 0.6bar boost by RBTS. It runs on 95-octane, all day every day.

Now that this 86 is complete, it’s time for – you guessed it – another project. “There’s a small matter of an AWD Honda but the biggest issue I have these days is time. How and when am I going to finish it? Hopefully soon.” Whenever you’re ready, Jerry, you know who to call.

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