“Just take me easy up the hill…” – For some, the Lamborghini Huracan is a scary-fast supercar. We have proof!

By Joel Silva

The Lamborghini Cape Rally is a celebration of the Italian supercar. During the 2019 edition of the famous event, “Turbo Ivan’s” entered his bone-stock Lamborghini Huracan to attend in the week-long party. Along the annual rally, participants get to experience “the best routes, most luxurious hotels, and throwing the hottest, wildest and most memorable parties ever.” When the tour stopped at Mossel Bay, the local municipality pulled out all the stops to accomodate the tour (even removing speed humps). It was here where Ivan offered town councillor Mark a quick blast up the road in his bumper-less Huracan and captured the anxious passenger on video. “The car is bone-stock! It only has a Mr Turbo performance exhaust and a rear bumper delete. Luckily we never strapped Mark inside NxGen’s twin turbo Huracan!” laughs Ivan.


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