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If you’re a petrolhead, chances are that you might have come across or heard of Mpireboyz, a well known car crew in Gauteng that hosts and supports some pretty awesome events. As of this year, the crew disbanded from the London-based organisation and decided to register their own brand named MpireElite. Founder Morne Hugo brought along two of the club’s members, Francois Swanepoel and Christopher Harris where we discussed the club’s past and future, and highlighted two of their radical rides.

Why the name change? MpireBoyz is an international brand (13 chapters in total around the world) and their management team is based in the UK. We broke away from them last year because they implimented a list of requirements which included some pretty restrictive rules that detailed the compulsory purchase of merchandise and decals. So ultimately, the costs involved made it more difficult for us to continue under the Mpireboyz name. We decided to break away and registered our own brand named MpireElite.

How many members? We currently have 180 members, countrywide, with the majority being in Gauteng. We have a few in Durban, and even fewer in Cape Town.

Do you allow for other makes and model cars to join? Yes, I think that’s what makes us unique: we cater for all makes and models! We have members with Chevy Sparks and more high-end cars, so we love the variety in the club. We even have stance and show-and-shine members. It’s all about sharing the same passion

So, the “M” in Mpire is not related to BMW M-powered cars? No!

But it still sounds very Beemer-ish? Yes, but it’s not. The decals look very German, which obviously attracted German cars. But saying that, we have a Toyota Supra in the club!

When is the next MpireElite event? We have a few lined up: 1st of March is a drag racing event at Tarlton, SA Torque on the 15th March where we will represent as a crew, and then our famous night run a few weeks later. We’ll be announcing the meeting point pretty soon on our social media pages. This is a biggie: it always attracts 140-plus cars! Members tend to have abit more fun at our night runs.

So how do I become a member? Basically you need to contact me via DM on our social media platforms either on Facebook or Instagram. Secondly, you will be asked to represent the crew by wearing clothing and decals. This is to eliminate people from claiming to be part of the club when they’re not. That’s basically your buy-in to becoming a member.

So I need to buy merchandise before supporting the crew? Yes. You have to represent the crew and agree to respect our rules. Thereafter you are added to a WhatsApp group to chat with other members about up and coming events and news.

What else do I get as a member? You’ll receive discounts from tuning shops which we offer to all members.

What other interesting cars are in the group? We have an amazing BMW 320i (laughs)…we have Supras, Evos, a few GTRs, and plenty more high-end stuff.

What about the ladies? Plenty! Our ladies love to race! We have few racing RS3s, Clubsports, GTis – Cecilia races a tuned 7R. You will find alot of ladies on our group as well. We don’t discriminate: everyone and anyone is welcome to join.

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