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We reveal how South Africa’s quickest normally aspirated Nissan Champ runs tens, all day, every day!

By Jarred Govender


Having always had a soft spot for all Japanese marques (in particular Honda), the mastermind behind this trackbite-eating monster, Sanjay Jagesar, began his unwavering fanaticism decades ago with the Honda B16 Vtec and like many other youngsters back then, he had to settle for a bedroom pin-up poster rather than the real thing.

Sanjay decided to rebuild a Nissan Champ into an all-out drag car. He turned to his family for support and inspiration and even his son Ashan, 7 years old at the time, aptly named the bakkie “GhostFreak” after a character in the popular TV show Ben10. The freshly painted metallic green body sports decals of components that were actually used on the vehicle sending out a clear message that this little 1400 is packing something special under the hood.

Building the new car from the ground-up afforded him a clean slate with endless possibilities and it wasn’t long before the engine bay was packed to the brim with his life-long dream: a Honda K-series powerplant.

The Honda K24 engine now comprises of a whole host of Drag Cartel components including a CNC cylinder head, cams, and cam gears, Supertech high-rev spring kit and valves, Skunk2 crank, R&R rods, CP pistons, massive 1700cc injectors and 70mm Kinsler ITB’s that dominate the engine bay.

Methanol is fed from the RC fuel cell in the rear bin via FTF Teflon lines by Weldon pumps resulting in a whopping 303kw and 358nm at the rear wheels revving up to an earsplitting 10,200rpm.

Sanjay’s most recent time at the track is now 10.67 seconds at 206km/h with a 60-foot of 1.52 thanks to a set of M&H Drag tyres all round. He recently posted on his wall that the Nissan is up for sale. Let’s hope Ghostfreak won’t stop haunting the turbo cars!

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