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We already know that electric cars are capable of outrageous acceleration and put many of the petrol-fed world’s supercars to shame. But imagine piloting a 5000hp electric dragster? Top EV Racing in Western Australia have built an electric dragster that can go up against the fastest Top Fuel cars in the world.

HyperPower Technologies developed the electric motor that generates a mammoth 1,340 horsepower. The scary thing is that the Top Fuel-style dragster is now powered by four of the motors for a combined output of 5,360hp. They also claim a 0-200km/h time of 0.8 seconds, a 0-531km/h time of 3.7 seconds, and a top speed of 611km/h

Eleven years ago, the team set out to build an insanely fast electric car. The initial goal was simple: develop a new electric power system with enough power to compete with the world’s Top Fuel class dragsters. The plan was to develop a system with high levels of energy and power density, all in a lightweight chassis.

“The two battery packs in the car are equivalent to 22kg of TNT in energy density,” says HyperPower founder and managing director Michael Fragomeni. The QFM-360-X electric motor measures about 17-inches in diameter and is designed to be scalable, meaning ten of them could be mounted on a common shaft to deliver 13,400hp if needed. “This motor is the culmination of my career’s effort and a notable milestone for our team to now have the X-series prototype in production, with volume assembly running in parallel,” says Fragomeni.

The current record for an electric dragster belongs to legendary drag-racer Don Garlits, who in 2019 set two new speed records at Palm Beach International Raceway in an electric dragster over 400m: one for a time of 7.235 seconds, and the other for a trap speed of 304km/h.


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