With a 900kW Whipple ‘charged powerplant, this RGM-built Pony is ready to go full taps on SA soil!

By Chad Miller

The new Ford Mustang GT is a performance king! For under R1 million, you can get the heritage, a 5.0 V8 with the most intoxicating sound, and an exotic body which makes you feel special every day of the week.
Being a king has its disadvantages though; one being that everyone is vying for your crown, something which every M3 driver from the 90’s can attest to. This hasn’t changed and with some tuning, 2.0 GTIs and STs are able to keep up with “performance cars”. But when you have a name like Mustang, you can’t take that disrespect lying down.

So how do you get back at that kind of disrespect? You fight fire with fire; if someone can tune his GTi, you can tune your Mustang…difference being that you have an extra 3000cc to play with! That’s exactly what the owner of this Mustang did when he decided to take his GT through to RGMotorsport. Now, if you’re like me, then you’d know that RGM are masters when it comes to supercharging BMWs, Toyotas and several other brands; but I always thought that they only offered top quality bolt-on systems that gave the enthusiasts extra reliable performance. Damn, was I sorely mistaken.

You see, after a tour of RGM’s Randburg facility, I discovered a complete engine assembly room where this particular Mustang’s 5.0 V8 was rebuilt using some of the best quality components that money and research could supply!

To prepare it for boost, the aluminium block is now fitted with a stroked forged crank, ductile sleeves, forged CP pistons and Eagle conrods. While the heads were off, they were also treated to a full porting and gas-flow, and filled with Ferrea valves, PAC valve springs and custom Comp Cams. The result is a motor that now displaces 5.4 litres that is also bolted to a set of ceramic coated RGM headers with a Techniflow valvetronic exhaust system; perfect then for most V8 lovers!

NOPE…that’s only one part of the build; all of that was in preparation for the Whipple 2.9L stage-3 supercharger, the first of its kind in South Africa! The supercharger is not alone in its endeavours though. Not only has it received a massive 150mm Whipple stage-3 billet throttle body, the RGM team decided that it would be a good idea to carry out one of their boost upgrades. Thanks to the boost increase and the ability to rev to 8000rpm, cooling needed to be addressed and like everything on this car, the RGM team was not going to let that slide. So, in went a Whipple stage-3 heat exchanger, RGM fuel cooler and upgraded oil-cooler kit, and the Progressive Water/Meth injection kit.

Just like the cooling, the fuelling was another massive concern and after the relevant research, a set of Injector Dynamix ID1700x fuel injectors with enlarged Whipple fuel rails and Fore Innovations components were fitted.
The stock ECU runs a custom software tune with switchable maps courtesy of the electronics wizards at RGM. The beauty of the car’s fuel system is that it can run on E95 ethanol and to make the switch from 95-pump fuel as simple as possible, a quick drain tap was installed into the fuel tank and the handheld controller make the switch to the relevant map easy as pie.

With all that motor work done, you must be thinking; “Was it worth it?” – well, how does 945kW on the engine and over 1100Nm of torque sound? The setup is nitrous-fed and is yet to be used. In the boot is two 10-pound nitrous bottles that are connected and plumbed in true RGM fashion while the NOS pressure gauges and activation switches are all neatly hidden away inside the cabin.

But the buck never stopped there because when you have that much power, the rest of the drivetrain needs to be beefed up. To make sure that the transmission could hold up, the RGM team modified the stock auto box and added a Circle D Pro torque convertor bolted to a QA1 carbon fibre propshaft. This feeds into a Wavetrac LSD before the Custom Driveshaft Shop 2000Hp side shafts get the wheels spinning!

Once the wheels start spinning, its up to the KW Variant 3 coilovers to clean up the handling, a job made much easier thanks to Steeda anti-roll bars and a Stop the Hop billet kit. The brakes on this car are also fantastic, a statement I can say with confidence thanks to a ride down Malibongwe drive and onto the N1 with Steve Green at the wheel.

The ride really put everything into perspective; it’s pulls through every gear, and the acceleration tells you its special. I cannot wait for the RGMotorsport team to release their much anticipated performance figures from the 400m strip. And when they do, you’ll be the first to know!

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