Roaring Toyz CarShow & Sound off was hosted this past weekend by DJ White Diamond & Future Audio at the Tiger Wheel & Tyre in New Market, Alberton. A pretty hot “Sun”day indeed, with an early start to the day, the parking area slowly started filling up with a wide range & variety of cars from different stables.

To help keep out the sun, the Speed & Sound promo girls where there to share some shade, as they walked around selling a variety of Speed & Sound caps. While most chilled under gazebos, and tried to find a shade under the trees, the rest just chilled by walking around with the rest of their car crews.

With 50 layers of sunblock applied I took my camera & started walking around to take some snaps of the cars that were there. In typical form the JDM cars were the first cars that caught my attention, The ready to race Mazda RX-7 FD most definitely caught my attention, with it’s stripped out & cockpit looking interior, fender flares & a exhaust the size of a Boeing’s engine hahaha.

But that wasn’t the only cars that caught my attention, as I went to the wrong Tiger Wheel & Tyre first, (event flyer said New Redruth) I followed two VW Up!s to the venue, why they caught my attention; well not just the fact that the little silver Up! had an exhaust as load as the toaster, but they both just looked so awesome in their own special ways. I have to say I do like the look of the 4-door shape vs the 2-door shape… thinks its the way the side windows take up all the space on the sides.

Future Audio hosted the sound off, with a few cars running impressive dB’s on the day. I missed out on a few of the cars that ran big numbers, with  Strini Perisamy running a 159.9,  loudest on the day. Their little turquoise VW Golf powered with 8 12″ sub woofers put on a few demo’s & they rattled a few brain cells loose hahahaha.

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