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Lethal Motorsport’s VW Golf 6R is the quickest in SA. But it’s aiming to beat the world record THIS WEEKEND!

By Joel Silva / Photography Rory Minards and Char Automotive Photography

A closer look at Gerrit Wessel’s Golf 6R had me coming back for more. No fancy spoilers, no widened arches, no lightweight rims. Just your average looking Volkswagen with sticky rubber.

Fresh from running a 10.52@212km/h at Tarlton Raceway a few weeks back, the Lethal Motorsport-built car now finds itself tied in 10th position in the 4-cylinder AWD category in Quickest in the Land. I chatted to Lethal Motorsport’s owner Divan Streicher today who stated the 6R is currently the quickest in South Africa. And maybe, the world.

“Look, the international 6R record is a 10.55 in Australia. Other local tuning houses are claiming otherwise yet I need to see the actual footage on a national track. If we break the record, it will be done on a recognized national track ie Tarlton, and when we do, I guarantee someone here will start a social media frenzy.” Says Divan.

No matter how well-balanced the formula, there will always be someone out there that’s determined to improve upon it, and that’s what Lethal Motorsport has done. The car makes 602whp and 583Nm on the rollers and utilizes a Precision 6062 ball-bearing turbo.

Getting the Golf 6R to that level was no minor task though, and the magic lies firmly in the fully forged motor. A Supertech rev-kit, Wossner forged pistons and PEC I-beam conrods do duty, with the addition of Insane Racing software. Surprisingly though, some engine parts are bone-stock like the crank, the bearings and the throttle body, but excluding the modified oil pump unit. The front mount cooler also features an additional dual cooler.

Running a newly fitted TVS Engineering clutch pack and stage 4 software, the car is primed to launch off the line at 5500rpm at 1 bar come Sunday.

“When we ran the 10.5, the boost was set at 2-bar but with new clutch pack and vacuum lines we’ve managed to find even more boost. We logged the car this past week and managed to log 2.5bar at the top. So, the AWD class is bound to change again pretty soon.”

“You must remember we use this car as a daily – on race day, the only thing we remove is the front passenger seat. It currently weighs 1.4-tons and still has the air-con pump, condenser and the audio system.”

The Lethal Motorsport team are planning to race at Drag Wars this Sunday. And I expect a few tuning houses will be hurting come Monday morning.

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