Tyronne Scholtz has gifted a vintage Toyota Corolla Liftback with a worked 2JZ-GTE motor under the hood. Here’s how…

By Chad Miller

Tyronne Scholtz’s home-built full steel bodied 80’s Toyota Corolla “lift-back” is pushing 1058kW on the wheels. To get the car to this point, Tyronne spent countless hours over the last 6 years in his impeccable home garage/workshop building the car with assistance from some of the most well-respected names in the industry, and the results are perfect.

Having been lucky enough to have gone through this car with a fine-tooth comb, I can tell you that every aspect of this car has been built around the desire to run blistering times, and the quality of the workmanship shows. For starters, the body work is spotless and every panel, from the recessed firewall to the mini-tubs cut into the back have been welded, filled and sprayed so brilliantly that you would think that it’s all standard. Speaking about paint, Tyronne stuck with original TRD look but shook things up a bit by selecting pearl white with pearl red TRD striping.

Underneath the bodywork, Tyronne built a custom ladder frame setup with a full compliment of drag-spec components from Strange. Housed within this collection of precision tubes and shocks is the Strange differential with custom ratios spinning the GT Engineering built 35-spline driveshafts. Naturally, all those bits would be useless if the gearbox was not up to spec; and so to fulfil the car’s needs, a 6-speed M3 gearbox was bolted into place with a Tilton triple plate clutch.

The M3 ‘box has become the go-to option for anyone looking for a strong transmission to handle crazy power; this meant that Tyronne had to choose a motor that could put all 6 cogs through their paces, and that motor is none other than the legendary 2JZ-GTE.

In stock from though, the 2JZ offers no real challenge to the BMW gearbox, but the team have worked hard to create an Ethanol snorting monster! To achieve this, almost anything and everything that can be done to a motor was done. Forged pistons? Checked! Custom billet con-rods? Checked! Custom built intakes and manifolds instead of store-bought stuff, and only the best valvetrain components from Supertech? Checked and checked again!

The 2JZ forged motor is truly a work of art and neat as pin without a bolt or wire out of place. Even the secondary fuel-rail was designed in such a way that it sits out of sight together with every wire from the Powermods engine management system. What has been left in your face though is the massive Precision 8385 turbo, the reason why this car is pushing hyper-car performance figures; it’s best being a time of 9.09 @ 256kmh.

With the car pushing the power figures and times that it does, safety is a top priority, and that is why there are Wilwood discs and calipers on all four corners, with a Deist parachute sticking out the back!

The fully carpeted cabin (with the door cards and OEM glass all in place) features a full-frame roll-cage and Cobra racing seats with harnesses. The most notable non-OEM additions however are the array of Innovate gauges and display which monitor the motor’s every performance detail.

With that said, I can’t help but use the old cliché; “the devil’s in the detail” because that’s what sets this car apart from other big power builds!

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