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When it comes to bang for buck, Starsound audio products have always been at the forefront of delivering affordable products, and satisfying a wide variety of users. One of their most recent offerings is this “Monster” 12-inch subwoofer and true to its name, it certainly is capable of delivering some monstrous bass.

Features: The Starsound Monster is a good looking, well finished product. The cone is fibre laminated with a paper backing and it’s attached to a narrow high roll foam surround for extra excursion without compromising on the cone area volume. The basket structure is a heavy die cast frame and retains a 300-ounce stacked motor assembly which drives the four-layer copper voice coil that’s wound on an aluminium former to dissipate heat efficiently. To aid the cooling process, the Monster subwoofer sports a vented pole piece which further aids with cooling air flow to the voice coil.  Electrical connections are completed via spring-loaded terminals that are generously sized and will accept 8-gauge wire easily.

My Listening Experience: I powered the subwoofer with a beefy 2kW (true RMS) amplifier and set the LP filter on 55Hz while the subsonic (or HPF) was set at 28Hz. After breaking in the woofer for a good month and a half (just over 50 hours of playing in time), I slowly noticed a subtle improvement in output. I played a wide variety of music and as can be expected from the enclosure design, the subwoofer felt a little lazy in the speed department with the really fast bass notes. Having said that, this subwoofer was never designed to be a sound quality product so I quickly switched to some bass heavy tracks like DJ Khaled’s “Do you mind?” track, which was followed my one of my favourites “Late night Tip” by Three 6 Mafia. I must admit that I didn’t expect the subwoofer to handle the very low bass notes half as well as it did.

Another thing I didn’t expect was the woofer to get as loud as it did…and you don’t just have to take my word for it; a number of motorists in Fourways are still annoyed with me! While the subwoofer can take a beating, I would strongly suggest not banging it flat-out for extended periods of time (which is something I did alot of), as it doesn’t have the same stamina as some higher end woofers which cost three to four times the price. After a good 30-minutess of playing at dangerously loud volumes, turn the volume down at least half way to allow the voice coils to cool down before hammering it again.  If you intend to play at “inconsiderate” volumes for hours on end, I would suggest you go between half-way and full tilt so you don’t have to worry about the coil starting to smell after half an hour.

Conclusion: From a value for money point of view, the woofer is hard to beat. That said, it doesn’t quite have the stamina in the endurance department to go round-for-round with high-end high performance woofers.  In saying that, you need to keep in mind that this is a R2,000.00 subwoofer while its opponents would cost three to seven times the price. With just one of these babies in your ride, you’ll have deep and forceful bass. So, if it’s bang for buck you’re after, I would seriously consider you get one of these!

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