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We all know that the quickest and easiest way of adding excitement to your boring factory audio system is by adding a subwoofer. The problem lies with amount of boot space you’d need to sacrifice. Sure enough there is a array of “shallow mount” subwoofers on the market today but more often than not, they also have “shallow performance.” Another huge concern is affordability in our tough economy. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom as the makers of Star Sound Audio products have launched a really affordable solution that covers you in both the performance and affordability segments. Their Reflex Bass Enclosure comes pre-loaded with an 8-inch subwoofer that’s capable of dishing out some pretty decent bass notes.

FEATURES: Along with the subwoofer, the SSW-B8-4600 uses a specially designed vented enclosure. The woofer is a Dual 4-Ohm driver that is wired in series to give you a resting impedance of 2-Ohm. The subwoofer sports a 2.5-inch voice coil, which tells you that it is also capable of handling decent amounts of power. The wiring connections are handled by a set of screw-in terminals that accepts up to 10-gauge wire, in a flush-mounted cup on the rear of the enclosure. The enclosure is decently built with a nice carpet finish and sports an embroidered Star Sound Digital logo on the front panel. The subwoofer cone is decently protected by two large and sturdy bars which serve as a speaker grill, assisting with improvements in the cosmetic department.

My Listening Experience: For a vented enclosure that’s this small, I had my reservations about its ability to deliver anything under 50Hz so I started off with my LP crossover point at around 100Hz with a slope of 24dB, and then proceeded to run the woofer in.  Upon firing it up, I instantly noticed that the bass delivery was a lot more than you’d expect from something this small. Quite surprisingly, the little system also managed to produce deep musical bass, which sounded more like that of a 10-inch woofer rather than an 8. The power handling was great. Even though you shouldn’t bridge this off two channels, I tried it anyway and it sounded good.
I then moved it over to a little Star Sound mono-block amplifier and the more power I fed it, the better it sounded. It integrated with the slightly upgraded audio system extremely well and it certainly did more than I expected when it came to adding a bit of thump to the lacking low bass notes that I previously had without the woofer.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was it’s inability to perform in the higher 30Hz region, however keeping in mind that this is still a little 8-inch woofer that costs under R1000-00, so expecting it to do so was a tall order.
The overall listening experience improved ten-fold with the addition of this combo, to the point where I even found myself singing to the music, which believe it or not is a good thing for me.

Conclusion: If a small, inexpensive woofer system is what you need to put some bass in your ride, then this should be on your short list of products to consider. In terms of price versus size versus performance, I think this is an ideal solution for those wanting to add more excitement to their daily rides, without having to worry about it consuming too much space, breaking the bank or having to worry about upgrading the stock speakers.

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