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Cars are now using smaller motors as engineers are constantly pushing boundaries and extracting more and more power from tiny motors. Take Formula 1 for example. If you told me 15-years ago that a 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 engine would be used, I’d tell you to lay off the green stuff. Likewise, amplifier technology has also made great advances in recent years. Technology has also allowed for more compactness than ever before, without compromising on output.

South African based Targa Audio has once again proven to be at the forefront of technological advances with the introduction of their latest “ultra-compact” Pro Nano range of amplifiers. These diminutive amplifiers generate great power, and are available in two models for now, a 100W RMS x 2 stereo amplifier and a 60w RMS x 4 amplifier. While I have briefly played with the more compact 100W x 2 RMS, this month, we’ll take a closer look at their 4-channel model, the Targa Pro Nano TG-320.4D.



The first thing that I looked at were the cross over settings of the amplifier, as this can make or break the way a system sounds. What I absolutely loved, more so because of the physical size of amplifier that we’re dealing with, is that it doesn’t have a fixed crossover selection as I’ve seen with a number of the so called “high-end brands”. Instead, it offers a low pass, full range and high pass filter that are variable between 40Hz and 400 Hz, which is ideal for most basic systems.

The amplifier is said to accept hi-level inputs as well. I did not try it out though, as this would mean cutting the RCA heads off the plug and connecting the speaker cable directly to it. In addition to this, the amplifier also sports three different turn on options, one via the remote wire, a second option using a DC off-set and the third being an audio signal sensing.

Last but not least is the input configuration switch. How this works is that even though this is a 4-channel amplifier (so you’d typically need 4 RCA-inputs), it allows you to select the number of inputs to use. In the event that you only use two inputs, you can select 2-channel and the amplifier will automatically distribute the signal across all four channels

When it comes to small footprint amplifiers, Targa’s new Pro Nano certainly has taken the game to a new level. They offer good, quality audio power using hardly any space. The amplifiers are very well built and thanks to some clever engineering, they don’t become excessively hot like a number of other amplifiers on its level. They deliver an abundance of clean power with minimal current draw, making it the perfect amplifier for anyone wanting a decent audio upgrade without forking out a full month’s salary just to get one. It is not the strongest or meanest compact amplifier on the market, but for the money spent, versus what you are getting, this certainly is a worthy buy.


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