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There’s nothing better than cruising in a Sunny-inspired Nissan Champ, listening to some beats with your little bro.

By Nezo Harrichand / Photography Graeme Hank

Cape Town is known for providing a lot of inspiration to the rest of the country in terms of car styling. Take this Nissan 1400 bakkie for example. It’s owned by Mr Hamied from Exquisite Detailing in Cape Town who specializes in resurrecting cars from the dead.

After fitting wider fender flares (that cover the 15-inch Equip wheels), and applying a lick of two-tone paint with gold pinstripe detailing, the exterior was on its way to where he wanted it to be. To compliment the new look, a Datsun Sunny grille with LED projector headlights were added along with a classic set of fender mirrors, combining old school with new school and thus creating a perfect retro-mod front end.

If you ever saw the engine bay before the restoration, I don’t think you’d believe this was the same vehicle. Fortunately, these guys aren’t called Exquisite Detailing for nothing. They’re great at what they do and the engine bay’s appearance is testament to this.

The Champ is be a daily runner as well a show car, and it made perfect sense to add a banging system. ATL Upholstery reupholstered the interior in a day and with good effect too. A week later, the bakkie was booked into Soundmatch where the brief was simple: “It must be loud, and must have Energy Audio subwoofers”.

“With most builds, we aim to have a theme that suits the car. This is not always possible as clients have their own tastes. But with this build it was easy as we agreed that four Energy Audio 8-inch woofers would look and sound epic in this tiny cabin” and if did.” explains Ali from Soundmatch. One would be forgiven for thinking this 1400 has a pair of 12-inch, maybe 15-inch, woofers as the van really bangs!

With that much bass, they upped the vocal speaker delivery with a set of Pioneer 650 Pro-midrange drivers coupled to a set of Pioneer 350 Pro tweeters. If you should ever hear these, you’ll understand why you only need one pair. Like with the subwoofers, you’d swear there are multiple pairs of component speakers installed.

Overall, the system turned out pretty damn awesome, proving that you don’t need to break the bank in order to have a balanced and great sounding system that can be enjoyed for hours on end.

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