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Contrary to what you’re told or might believe; vehicle-related crimes aren’t indigenous or a “South African-only” problem. It is certainly a global issue that’s not likely to experience a sharp decline anytime soon. Personally, I’d probably almost be ‘okay’ with someone breaking into my 100% stock car, and snatching a few things which insurance would (hopefully) replace.

However: Words cannot describe the sheer rage and fury experienced when your beloved modded car gets broken into, and all sorts of cool aftermarket gadgetry (usually worth more than the car itself) are stolen. Given that lots of people experience this on a daily basis, I decided to take a closer look at some of the latest and greatest in aftermarket vehicle security.

Unfortunately, most factory vehicle alarm systems offer no real protection. In most cases, tech-savvy thieves more than likely already know exactly how to bypass the vehicle’s security, and easily gain entry into your vehicle without detection. This is a problem indeed; but for every problem, a solution is available.

A novel product pegged as “the future of security” by its creators, Directed, was released earlier this year at CES. In short, it’s a Live 4G Surveillance System for your car – yep, that also caught my attention. The new Viper SMARTVIEW dash cam includes a built-in 4G ‘SmartStart’ functionality, as well as two cameras. With the SMARTVIEW dash cam system, vehicle owners now have a real-time view in and out of their car, via their smartphone.



The SMARTVIEW has a wide-angle, front-facing camera; as well as a 130-degree rear-facing camera. Thanks to this combination, you’re able to see the driver, passenger, and sides of the car – in real time. This means you’re able to watch someone approach your car, and attempt to smash a window or break in; and because the unit automatically starts recording when movement is detected, you’re able to access the footage to use as evidence. Also, thanks to the Live View functionality, you can go do your shopping while parked at the mall and still be able to keep an eye on your ride. That’s peace of mind right there!

The Viper SMARTVIEW can be used as a standalone device, or connect to a Directed DS4 unit via Bluetooth.  When synced to a DS4, the user is automatically notified of any sort of event. You’re also able to use your smartphone to not only remotely lock/unlock the car, but even cooler, you’re also able to remote-start it! Thanks to the dash cam’s WiFi capabilities, it can also double as a hotspot for devices in the car.

Expect to purchase your Viper SMARTVIEW for roughly R10k when it launches next month; and if the market reception of the product launch at CES was an indicator, I’m positive that it’ll be a huge hit amongst enthusiasts who can’t stand being away from their pride and joy for too long – and who’ll do anything to protect it!

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