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The SPS Racing slogan is YOU HAVE ONE LIFE. BRAP IT! Shuds has a fetish for all things that goes “BRAP” and couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw this triple rotor JDM cult ride.

By Shudley Daniels

Many moons ago, when I was a young lad on the streets of the Cape Flats, my tannie had a little Mazda. I wasn’t a huge fan of Mazdas but this one was special. It was called a Capella and it had a different engine to other cars. That was all I knew, but it sounded insane! It went brap brap brap like a big Bull frog all day long, and I’ve been in love with the BRAP ever since.

While not from the 80’s, the 1993 model FD3S is every boy racer’s dream. It was featured in THAT movie which revolutionised the car scene the world over, so obviously it became a cult car, if it wasn’t already one. A perfect car for SPS Racing then, whose vision statement is “To become the leading manufacturing and customizing shop on Japanese Cult Cars internationally”.

The car was acquired in 2016 with the assistance of Mr Rotor himself, Arthur Joubert. Dewald wanted to use the car as a brand ambassador for SPS Racing, and the project got underway. The original 13B turbo engine was binned for an aspirated setup. Yes, you read right, the car was ”deboosted”. It is not often you see that being done, but to my mind it was a brilliant decision. Karel Stols from Rotrix was tasked with the engine build, and it was decided that a naturally aspirated 20B peripheral port triple rotor will power this icon. The entire assembly was lightened and balanced and RA Classic apex seals were added. On the intake side a custom SPS intake with 50mm throttle bodies are in play, while custom-fabricated exhaust manifolds and a 90mm exhaust system are responsible for the eargasms of the triple rotor. Denso 550cc fuel injectors are controlled by a…yeah you guessed it…Microtech LT16C ECU, with dash display.

Power is transferred via a RX8 6-speed tranny and OEM rear end, but the clutch was upgraded to a Quartermaster triple plate jobbie. A-line Wizards with broad 265/35R18 semi slick rubber puts the power down and from behind the wheels, peak the huge 355mm discs and D2 8-pot brake calipers. While the RX was launched at Rotorfest in October 2018, I first got up close and personal with it when I judged it at Ultimate Rides 2019, where it was a crowd favourite. Seeing it for the first time, I immediately knew our very own Darren Townsley had a hand in it. The cockpit features a carbon fibre dipped dash, along with a Momo steering and Alcantara covered seats, complete with the SPS logo. The sound system is rather special. It features no amplifiers or woofers, but the sweet yet ferocious sounds of thunder at 10500rpm.

As the car was built to promote the brand and be an all-rounder, it is often seen at drags, car shows and even gymkhana events. It managed to run 8,6-seconds on the 1/8mile on two occasions, won a few Best JDM awards and even featured in a drift video. Dewald would like to thank everyone who had a hand in making this a truly fun all rounder, especially the SPS Racing team, Rotrix Racing, Speedspot, Pro Quick welding, X-lint Clutches, AJ Racing, Autoskin, Leathertec, Marcel Labuschagne, and of course, the Bearded Wonder, Supafly. Too many cooks might spoil the broth, but they make the Wankel burble!

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