This month’s workshop visit led us to Turbo Xtreme, an innovative company making waves on the turbo scene!

By Chad Miller // Photographed by Darren Townsley

How has the turbocharger market changed over the years? There has always been a lot of companies which sell turbos, and a few years ago we also saw massive growth in the turbo repair market. These days we have seen a lot of customers looking for turbo upgrades, even more so than repairs; this is what drove us to begin importing the billet wheels and introduce our hybrid upgrades.

Turbo Xtreme’s hybrid range? Our hybrids are offered in three stages with each stage compromising of an upgrade to the internal wheels using our billet wheels, re-profiling of the housings, or both depending on the level of performance the customer wants. Turbo Xtreme is in the fortunate position where we can do precision engineering and core balancing all in house thanks to our specialised equipment and Jasper’s 20-year experience in precision engineering!

The most impressive upgrade you’ve seen using one of your hybrids? We had a customer who blew the turbo on her Golf 7R and she opted for our simple Stage-1 upgrade. The upgrade worked so well, that we had customers from as far as PE looking for the very same turbo for their cars!

The most common failure that you guys see on turbos? Shaft seizures. This is caused by dirty oil and people not servicing their turbocharged motors correctly.

The worse damage that you have ever seen on a turbo? We carried out a repair on a turbo taken off a Caterpillar, someone had forgotten a piece of cloth in the intake pipe and they used silicone to seal the turbo instead of gaskets. The turbo suffered foreign object damage and oil starvation which caused it to seize up completely!

The best way to maintain a turbo? The best way to ensure that your turbo lasts is by following the installation instructions and using proper hardware (gaskets and not silicone) and then following your service plan. By carrying out oil your changes at the correct time and regularly flushing your intercooler, your turbo should last well past 100,000km.

The biggest misconception that people have around turbochargers? People don’t take into the consideration the added hardware and software that goes into a turbo, they think that you can just “bolt-on” a turbo, but they don’t consider the smaller details.

Is the turbo spares market still big? We still do have a lot of customers coming in for spares and so we have had to ensure that we stay away from inferior products that find their way onto the market.

The biggest turbo that’s been through the hands of Turbo Extreme? We have worked on a 50mm Detroit HX83 which is used on an industrial generator while our biggest hybrid setup was a stage – 3 upgrade carried out on an M5.

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