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Namibia is known for its hot “jap imports” but we found a little Volkswagen that proves local is still lekker!

By Shudley Daniels  //  Phots by Nathan Nell

I’m often asked what car is a good buy, and I always recommend a VW Polo. While it isn’t my favourite car in the world, it just makes so much sense. They’re relatively cheap, easy to maintain, reliable, and great to modify. Hell, there’s a reason the Mk1 Golf was replaced by the Vivo in South Africa not too long ago.

It’s been a while since we showcased a car from beyond our borders, but when we got wind of this one, it looked too good to not grace these pages. Levodhia Brendell hails from Namibia, and after acquiring her stock Polo, went about modifying it by adding a Matte Black paint job, rims and a set of coilies. Although she loved the colour, it was a bit of a schlep getting rid of a few scratches, so she called up her bro beans to help. Now bro Jerhome is even more nuts when it comes to vehicle customisation, so together they decided to create a show car, and Queen Bee was born.

Levodhia isn’t much of a speed queen, so the little 1.4 litre aspirated powerplant remains in its factory guise, bar the K&N air filter and 63mm exhaust. The rest of the car though, received an extensive makeover…
The front bumper was replaced with a WRC item and custom spoiler which adds aggression, while the rear received a R400 bumper and diffuser. If you ask me what the best colour is to paint a car, I will say “yellow” every day.

This ain’t no average yellow though, it is a flipped with gold sprinkles to make the queen sparkle. 3 Stage Perfection was responsible for the brilliant paintjob, and the gold fairy dust was supplied by Seven Customz down in the fairest Cape.

Seven Customz supplied front bags and struts as well as the custom rear bags. Their flagship product is also the Accuair Endo CT tank with internal compressor, so a smallish unit was supplied for the not-so-big Polo boot. Jerhome fitted all the components himself, and designed and built the boot install himself. His hard lines is arguably the best aesthetically

I’ve seen, and having seen the build pics, it is most impressive. As Jason explains “We provided the components and tech support when needed. For a novice, he pulled it off brilliantly. He even C-notched the car as well”.
The 17” alloys were colour-matched and often this creates a somewhat “tacky” look, but in this case it works brilliantly. The interior is fit for a queen. Sit down on the plush luxurious hide with the custom stitching, and enjoy the crystal sounds of the Android double din. 5” Digital Design mids are fitted both in the front and rear, while two 8” Big Daddy XTC woofers are powered by Soundigital amplifiers.

Levodhia would like to thank Jason and a huge thanks to Jerhome. Together, they showed us exactly what can be achieved with a little imagination, and yellow paint!

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